Union Shop

Founded in 2014 by designer Jeffrey Barninger, Union Shop Studios is a collaborative artist space located in Charlotte NC. The 7500 square foot space has 5 artist studios as well as a 1500 square foot event and gallery space. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to design and create innovative furniture and art for the demanding client who desires a quality not found in most mass-produced items.  Our work is intended to engage and create a meaningful connection.

Our Philosophy

Believing that the objects we own can impact our lives in meaningful ways through their ability to add ritual to our lives, we take great care in insuring that those interactions add to your life. Many times as consumers we collect items without really understanding their impact on our daily lives.  When designing our pieces we work closely with the client to understand their needs and desires.  By understanding this we are able to give our clients a piece that enhances their lives.

The Studio

Our studio is a collective of artists living in the Charlotte area that create, collaborate and engage the community.  Our artists come from a diverse background and work in a vast array of mediums. Each of us strive to explore the limits of our work by pushing each other in new directions and sharing our knowledge.